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About Us

RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation

Ecology includes wildlife conservation. The discipline of ecology and evolutionary biology concerned with the preservation and management of biodiversity and natural resources is known as conservation. Its mission is to identify quick, efficient, and cost-effective strategies to conserve species, habitats, landscapes, and ecosystems. Biodiversity refers to the variety of living creatures that make up Earth’s ecosystem.

About RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation ( RRFWC )

The RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation is a non-profit organization headquartered in Chennai, India. Rathika Ramasamy, wildlife photographer and founder of the RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation ( RRFWC ), has been photographing wildlife for 17 years and has given over 100+ workshops and speeches on the subject of wildlife and conservation. Students for Nature Clicks ( SFNC ), a program launched by RRFWC, provide nature and wildlife photography awareness workshops and seminars for high school and college students regularly. The training is delivered via Zoom webinar sessions during the pandemic time.


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